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Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program for both Windows and Mac OS X platforms created by Microsoft to create spreadsheets. Through Excel, computer users can use a variety of formulas through a spreadsheet system; organize, format, calculate and report functions.

There are 100+ Udemy Excel courses for you… 🙂



Course Language : Arabic

1-) تعلم مباديء و أساسيات الإكسل 2013

Course Language : Croatian

1-) Excel za početnike: osnovne lekcije

Course Language : English

1-) These 5 Excel Tricks Will Save Your Job
2-) Excel Pivot Tables in a Nutshell
3-) Excel for the Absolute Beginner
4-) How To Dominate Excel Formatting & Charting

5-) Complete Excel 2016 Guide: Master Spreadsheets Today!
6-) Excel With Excel Pivot Tables
7-) The McKinsey Way Of Excel Hacking and Dynamic Charting
8 -) How to Divide Startup Equity Among Cofounders
9-) Excel Macros/VBA: Create 4 Real World Projects from Scratch
10-) EFT Edge for Negotiating
11-) Intro to Financial Modeling
12-) Excel Conditional Formatting Basics – The built in Features
13-) Excel 2016 Foundation Training Course | Video Tutorial
14-) Top 25 Microsoft Excel Advanced Formulas: Hands-on Tutorial
15-) Learn Excel Conditional Formatting with 7 Practical Problems
16-) How To Create a Balanced Scorecard From Scratch Using Excel
17-) Easy Excel Basics for Beginners – Learn Quickly and Easily
18-) Excel Power Map: A Power BI Tool for Reporting Professionals
19-) Microsoft Excel 2016 Beginner Level Course
20-) Iterative calculation in Excel
21-) Microsoft Excel Line and Pie Graph Design and Styling
22-) Analyze Huge Data with Ease Using Microsoft Excel Filters!
23-) Master Microsoft Excel Table Design in Under 30 Minutes
24-) Microsoft Excel Formula Design for Beginners
25-) Master Excel AutoSum and Count Functions For Quick Analysis
26-) 30 Minute Excel Quick Start Via Functions Demonstration!
27-) Intermediate Microsoft Excel Using Conditional Formatting
28-) Excellence in Excel! Create a dynamic block chart in Excel!
29-) Excellence in Excel! Create a bookkeeping tools by doing.
30-) Excellence in Excel! Make any chart dynamic in Excel!
31-) Microsoft Excel : Get All You Need To Know And Do!
32-) Printing spreadsheets in Excel
33-) How to Record and Run a Macro in 4 Easy Steps
34-) Pivot Table Basic to Master Level with Dashboard Creation
35-) Excel for Complete Beginners – Fun Easy Lessons
36-) Learn Vlookup from Basic to Expert Level
37-) Using After Effects CC 2018, Excel and JSON to create Graphs
38-) Excel Data Validation For beginners
39-) Excel Pivot Table Basics
40-) Excel For Accountants 2017
41-) Offline Business Models in Excel
42-) Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Editing Cells & Cell Contents
43-) Excel for Beginners
44-) New Reporting Features in Excel 2013
45-) Ten Excel Features Every Analyst Should Know
46-) Excel 2013 Essential Training
47-) Microsoft Excel 2016 Training: Beginner to Intermediate
48-) Interactive Conditional Formatting in MS Excel 2013
49-) Excel: Application of Pivot Table in AML/CFT Investigations
50-) The “I don’t know what Excel Pivot Tables are” Course
51-) EXCEL: Customize Charts To Boost Data Credibility – NEW!
52-) Microsoft Excel Course – Intermediate Training
53-) Draw in AutoCad using excel data
54-) Fun Excel Learning
55-) Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2016 for Absolute Beginners
56-) Power Pivot Workshop Beginner
57-) The “Unusual” Hands on Excel Course for Beginners
58-) Excel 2016 Pivot Tables: Create Basic Pivot Tables in Excel
59-) GCSE Physics (Edexcel) Momentum, Energy, Work and Power
60-) Excel Quick Start Tutorial: 36 Minutes to Learn the Basics
61-) Create a Traveling Plan in Excel
62-) A how to guide in Excel 2010
63-) Learn Excel Ninja Shortcuts
64-) Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Entering Data in Excel
65-) Excel VBA programming by Examples (MS Excel 2016)
66-) How to Transcribe and Excel In General Transcription
67-) The Beginning Guide to Microsoft Excel 2013
68-) MS Excel – From 0 to Working Professional in 1 hour
69-) Useful Excel for Beginners
70-) Excel Formulas and Functions with Excel Formulas Cheat Sheet
71-) Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2010
72-) Microsoft Excel 2010 Tutorial – Overview for the Beginners
73-) 60 Minutes to Learn Excel Tutorial
74-) Data Visualization in Excel by Using ExTool
75-) Excel in Microsoft Excel 2013: Part I
76-) Productivity in Excel using ExTool
77-) Excel 2016 Course- Beginners Excel Tips Part 2
78-) Microsoft Excel – Improve your skills quickly
79-) How to use Vlookup in Excel – A simplest tutorial
80-) Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Objects, Macros, & Pivot Tables
81-) Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Filters, Tables, & Charts
82-) Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Using Formulas in Excel
83-) Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Specific Number Formatting
84-) Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: General Formatting Tricks
85-) Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Working with Borders
86-) Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Copying & Pasting
87-) Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Spellcheck, Help, & Other Features
88-) Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Making a Special Selection
89-) Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Extending a Selection
90-) Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Working with the Active Cell
91-) Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Making a Selection
92-) Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Navigating within Excel
93-) Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Modifying Columns & Rows
94-) Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Using Workbooks
95-) Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Using Menus & Dialog Boxes
96-) Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Using the Ribbon
97-) Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Using the File Menu
98-) Microsoft Excel Workbooks & Worksheets: Simple Tips & Tricks
99-) Intermediate Excel: Crash Course w/ Downloadable Excel Files
100-) Google Spreadsheet Basics: A (Free) Introduction
101-) Excel for Accountants: Mapping Tables
102-) Excel Dashboards in an Hour

Course Language : German

1-) Excel Best Practices – mit wenig Aufwand viel erreichen!

Course Language : Hindi

1-) Excel Crash Course – Interview Preparation in Hindi and Urdu

Course Language : Portuguese

1-) Curso Google Drive. Planilhas (Excel Genérico)

Course Language : Russian

1-) MS Excel 2013, базовый курс
2-) Excel для всех!
3-) ТОП-20 формул Excel на каждый день

Course Language : Spanish

1-) Aprende a usar Excel desde Cero
2-) Excel 2016 ¡Desde cero hasta experto!
3-) Comienza con Excel: Introducción a Excel!
4-) Domina Excel 2013 Básico – Intermedio en menos de 4 horas
5-) Introducción a Excel 2010

Course Language : Turkish

1-) Derinlemesine Excel Vlookup ve Index-Match fonksiyonları
2-) Sıfırdan Excel VBA Öğrenin
3-) Çok Kriterli Karar Vermede Topsis Yöntemi

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