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Who is Philip Hofmacher

I’m an passionate online entrepreneur, serial entrepreneur and I have consulted over 250+ founders and startups on their way to starting their business. I started teaching entrepreneurship and personal development on skillshare in January 2016 and managed to enroll over 13.000 students that year. From that point on I decided to expand my business to udemy and other online platforms as well.


Online Marketing 2018 – Digital Marketing Master Class

Productivity Boosting Apps for Entrepreneurs

Set & Crush your Goals in 2018 – Goal Setting for Hustlers

Morning Productivity Mastery – How to get things done early

Instagram Stories Masterclass – How to rock Insta Stories

Avoiding Failure in Business – Why do Companies fail?

How to get best Instagram Results by using Know-How

Building an Online Business while traveling the whole World

Success At Work – Stand Out, Succeed And Get Your Promotion

The Power of Networking: Land your dream Job by standing out

Entrepreneurial Spirit – How to succeed as an entrepreneur

Business Mindset 101 – How to master dreams, goals & visions

Startup journey to your first successful business or startup

10 Step Digital Product Blueprint for Passive Income

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80+ مجانا دورات أوديمي باللغة العربية

أوديمي هو موقع على شبكة الإنترنت حيث يمكن لأي شخص في العالم حضور الدورات أو الدورات في جميع أو جميع الفئات. التدريب المقدم مفيد وجيد النوعية. أوديمي يختبر وقت حملة لا يصدق والعديد من البرامج القيمة مجانية.

أوديمي هي واحدة من أنجح وشعبية قنوات التدريب على الانترنت. ومن بين ال 15 فئة الرئيسية، هناك أكثر من 55 دراسة حول مئات المواضيع.

لقد قدمنا لكم أكثر من 80 دورات اللغة العربية في 14 فئة.


بالطبع الفئة: الأكاديمية

1-) Fundamentals and applications of GIS
2-) Mathematical computing tools
3-) الشفافية ومكافحة الفساد
4-) Basics of clinical pharmacology
5-) الفصل الأول فيزياء | شرح التيار الكهربى و الدوائر الكهربية
6-) Analysis of Vector and Raster Data In Gis
7-) Machine learning and Deep learning from scratch in Arabic
8 -) الإسعاف النفسي الأولي | Psychological First Aid
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All About Bootstrap // 40+ Free Udemy Courses

Bootstrap is a free framework for designing websites. HTML and CSS templates are provided to represent different website elements.

This includes forms, buttons, tables, navigation and a grid system for layouts. Furthermore, it is possible through optional Javascript module interaction (eg, a picture slideshow) easily integrate into your own website. Others provide all the necessary features to design responsive web designs, which are then optimized on mobile devices (eg a smartphone or a pad).

So there are 40+ Free Udemy courses about Bootstrap. if you like our courses please share them on social media 😉


Course Language : English

1-) Web Design Modern SinglePage Website from Scratch Bootstrap
2-) Building Websites Create a fully functional Web contact form
3-) Beginner Full Stack Web Development: HTML, CSS, React & Node
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28 Udemy Unity Game Development Course Free For Limited Time.

With Unity 3D you can develop 3D games. Unity 3D allows you to include more quality graphics and mechanics in your games. For UnityScript, the Unity version of Java Script, you need to know the C # and Boo software language.

One of the differences of Unity 3D is that you can have the designs and animations that other developers sell through the Asset Store. You can also work with your own team in Unity 3D.


There is 28 Udemy Unity Game Development Course Free For Limited Time.


Course Language : English

1-) Unity : Beginner to Advanced – Complete Course
2-) The Complete Unity Indie Game Developer Course

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